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Wrongful death is when a person dies unexpectedly because of the misconduct or negligence of another party. Losing a loved one under any circumstance is always hard. Losing a loved one due to wrongful death or negligence is especially difficult.

While no amount of money can ever replace a loved one, the Lugo Law Center understands that damages from a wrongful death suit may help to ease the financial burden experienced when a loved one is suddenly gone.

Wrongful Death Damages

There are many factors which can impact the amount of compensatory damages that may be awarded to survivors.

Potential damages include:

  • Funeral expenses

  • Lost wages and earnings

  • Mental anguish

  • Loss of companionship and support

The following individuals may be entitled to compensation:

  • Surviving spouse

  • Children

  • Parent

  • Other decedents

Why Hire Lugo law?

The Lugo Law Center understands that while no amount of financial payment may compensate for the hardship and devastation that the loss of a loved one brings, rest assured, we will fight for your financial security and make sure that those responsible will be brought to justice.

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